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Felix Audu

My movement education started at the early age of 6. Kung Fu was my first love, embracing regular tournaments and teaching from a very young age build a foundation around discipline, hard work and close study. 

As a teenager I have discovered my second love, dancing. Starting with hiphop and bboying in Hamburg and further adding movement vocabulary through classes and workshops in New York and Madrid. Dancestyles such as house, dancehall and street jazz broadened my vocabulary further. I found more abstract ways of expression in contemporary dance and street jazz, these styles taught me how to tell stories effectively.

Today I like to think that I am a physical story teller crafting words to express meaningful phrases.

Teachers & Teams

Words can barely express how thankful I am for the teachings, care and trust I have received through these people and institutions!  Here are some of my personal giants:

Taiyo Sportcenter
Martial Arts
(Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Capoeira)

I was blessed by receiving very structured and holistic training throughout my early childhood up to adulthood. Kung Fu as my primary discipline taught me how mind over matter works. It instilled ethics of discipline, hard work and attentive study in me that guide me up to this day.

Broadway Dance Center NYC
Street Jazz, Hiphop, Contemporary, House

Right after highschool I ate 10 class cards like other people eat potato chips, drilling urban dance classes and challenging myself in classical training.

Jermaine Brown thought me how to be conversational in dance. Thank you also for pushing me to get my choreography skills up to speed!

Theater acting and dancing

I had a wonderful musical experience  playing 'stay' which was the male romantic lead in Soultrain a musical produced by Lukulule EV, a non profit that does great projects with the youth in Hamburg!

Sonny Tee

Sonny was my first dance teacher, guiding me towards free expression through bboying. He taught me not only true bboying  foundations but also introduced me to musicality in dance!

His creative style was an inspiration,  it gave me courage to dance from my heart, making steps personal and unique.

Julie Pecquet
On Screen Dancing

Julie gave me my very first shot at professional work as a performing artist, booking me for a show in Salzburg, performing at a crazy location with amazing people. Thank you for introducing me to the industry!

Various Rhythm
Crew Shows

We started in 2013 and did some shows in a crew of 4 people. Amazing experience of crafting choreographies, mixing styles and smashing a couple of stages. 

These were my first choreographers  experiences and the team is incredible. Sihäm, Rumy and Daniel 

EASE Showteam

EASE gang is my current crew. We use primarily flow- movement and martial arts tricking to bring modern ways of movement on stage and integrate particularly tricking into traditional show concepts.

Webpage Coming soon :)

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 17.54.05.png
EASE x Koolibreeze
Crew Collaboration

A collaboration project integrating tricking into urban styles choreography.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 16.48.01.png
Cosmic Artists
Show Concepts/Company

CA is a small but very diverse collective of multiple-threat performers. I am honoured to be able to craft several shows a year experimenting further with the merger of disciplines in movement direction and as a performing artist.

Thank you not only for the jobs and trust but for expanding my skillset by teaching me airtrack, partner acrobatics, trampwall and so much more <3

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